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Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann
Classique Academy

Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann
Danielle Siemann and Angela Alef welcome you to discover
why a Classique Academy education is second to none!
These two long-time friends and educators have joined forces
to afford students and parents the benefit of their combined
experience, knowledge, and success--both for the school term
and summer fun!

Mrs. Danielle has taught Preschool through 2nd grade for
nearly 50 years and was awarded a lifetime Montessori
teaching certificate. Having Mrs. Danielle as a teacher is
something that we wish every child could experience: loving,
dedicated, concerned, and knowledgeable, Mrs. Danielle's
students are known for excelling both in and out of the

Mrs. Angela began her career working in the field of
Developmental Disabilities in North Carolina as Assistant
Director of a vocational setting for developmentally disabled
adolescents and adults. Upon returning home, she
successfully taught middle school children with behavioral
disorders before transitioning into private school

Mrs. Danielle and Mrs. Angela have worked together in
private school education for the past 30 years. They are now
partnering to make Classique Academy the best option for
children Preschool through High School.