Classique Academy

Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann
Classique Academy

Angela Alef
Danielle Siemann
As the only traditional and private school in St. Bernard Parish,
Classique Academy presents a unique opportunity for children
to receive an education that is free of the Common Core while
being consistently inspired to excel beyond any common

Students receive the majority of their lessons on an  individual
basis and proceed through each curriculum area at their own
pace.  This method allows our students to remain confident,
, and interested in their lessons.  

Classique Academy students are engaged throughout the day.
They are allowed to move about the class and to work in small
groups and individually.

Physical activity is vital to the health of our students.  A full
recess is a daily requirement for all of our classes.

Classique Academy requires no homework.  Our students work
hard to complete a large amount of work throughout their
school day.  Just like adults, they need time to unwind and to
simply enjoy family time.

Christian values, holidays, and traditions are an integral part of
our school life.  We also celebrate everything that is
traditionally and exceptionally American.

Classique Academy:  Creating Leaders for Tomorrow by
Instilling Values, Confidence, and Academic Excellence in Our
Students Today.